Pet Car Safety Harness

Travelling with your Pets is always fun but it can get dangerous if their not secured into their seats. They could not only get in your way but they could leap out of an open window!

This Secured Harness was created to help keep you and your Pet safe during drives by keeping them from roaming freely in your car.

Don't worry though, the Harness offers your companion ease in sitting, laying down or standing freely to stick their cute heads out of the window, all whilst keeping your journey safe.

Its easy to use and simply clicks into your Seat Belt slot and your ready to take on your exciting journey with the comfort of knowing you and your Pet are Safe! Get yours Today!

  • Helps to keep you and your dog & cat safe during drives.

  • Pet can sit, lay or stand freely yet safely in car.

  • Adjustable length: Approximately 16.54" - 26.78"

  • Wide: 0.95"


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Note: Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.