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Yes! We provide tracking on near enough all our Products. If you wish to track your order email us and we will provide you with your tracking number.

If your order does not arrive within 3-4 weeks, then our deepest apologies. Majority of our items are tracked but we advise waiting a week or 2 more after the delivery due date, due to issues created by COVID. If you are still concerned please contact us here. We will take full care of you.

With shipping there is a chance of items being damaged or lost. If this happens, don't panic we have you covered! Simply shoot us a message here.

We will sort a replacement with no added charge of course! :)

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International shipping time estimate is 3-4 weeks.

Please note: Each pillow cover from our factory is custom printed just for you and due to the popularity of certain items in our catalog, shipping times may take longer than the estimates above.

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Orders can be modified or canceled within 24 hours of purchase.